The images we create for couples are document the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness. Nick and Francesca are tying the knot in 2018. I think it is so important that my couples book an Engagement Session with their Wedding Package for two reasons;

  1. It allows us to learn a little bit more about the couple, how they relate to one another, and to us. You can think of the Engagement Session as a test run for the wedding.
  2. It is incredibly fun. It is a great opportunity for the couple to spend time together and to get to know one another a little better all while we create some of the very first family photos they will have.

Lastly, I recommend using your Engagement Session as a test run for the hair and make-up styling you would like to do on you wedding day. Using this photo session as a test run for your stylist will give you an opportunity to test out your make-up and hair style ideas for your big day. It will also show you what it will look like in photos.

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If you have had your portrait taken by Hazel Photographers then you know the feeling of being pampered throughout the session. The feeling of being guided through the session, down to the last finger, so you look exquisite in EVERY photo. You also know the feeling of having Hazel’s world class team swoon over you for two hours with the priority of ensuring you look and feel beautiful every step of the way.

The images we create for our amazing clients last a lifetime. They outlast us and live on for generations. That is why the images we create for you are the most valuable things you will ever own.

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When I was in my teens I grew a passion for creating beautiful fashion inspired portraits of my friends. I realized quickly that with my love for photography I could give someone the most beautiful portrait of himself or herself. A photo that would be a cherished family heirloom for generations. Making someone look, and feel, glamorous was at the core of my passion.

Now, my team and I make brides look and feel incredible. After all, you only get one opportunity to be a bride and it should be PERFECT in every way.

These are photos of Rochelle and Hadrian at the Gold Coast Railroad on their wedding day. It was a privilege to photograph such a loving couple. Our goal for this wedding was to combine beautiful candid imagery with a Vanity Fair style in mind.

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Today I want to share with you one of the most beautiful emails I have ever had the privilege of reading. A very dear client of ours sent this email to us and it brightened my day with each word of gratitude. I also know it was incredibly special to the team at Hazel Photographers to read that their hard work and creativity had been appreciated so deeply.

“Dear Hazel, Jessica and Janelle,
To simply say thank you would never convey our gratitude to all of you for Bianca’s Quince photos.
Hazel, you captured Bianca’s face, personality, and spirit in each and every photo. Your talent as a photographer is a gift that I truly have never seen before. Jessica, you have gone above and beyond the highest form of “customer service”. Thank you for your patience with me for this order. I owe you big for that alone!! Jenelle, last, but by no means, least! Thank you for the beautiful layout of each of our albums. You certainly are very talented in designing the flow of one page to another.

Thank you, each of you, for giving us such a beautiful memory of this special time in Bianka’s life.

The Camano Family”

If you have ever owned a business then you know your goal is only to give good service. When a client goes out of their way to thank me in such a sincere and beautiful way I cannot help but to be touched by the love and appreciation they have for my business, product and service. Our job is to create the most beautiful images that you have ever seen of your daughter, of yourself, your newborn baby or your family. My only goal is that we give great service. When hired to photograph you and the people you love you become our number one priority.

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When someone has had the impact that a mother has on her child, there is only one way to thank them. Thank them with love, luxury and laughter. Thank them with a timeless work of art that is created with her, and her cherished family, in mind.

A mother gives her life to her children with one hope. The hope that they will find love, have healthy children and ALWAYS be happy.

It is time to give her something that will bring a tear of joy to her eyes a warmth to her heart.

Our family photo collections are a fantastic way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

This is her legacy.
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